The San Juan Watershed Group (SJWG) is a group of citizens and local agencies working to improve water quality in the San Juan River and its tributaries so that they meet national water quality standards. We spearhead watershed-based planning, coordinate water quality research, provide assistance and funding to landowners for agricultural and livestock Best Management Practices (BMPs), conducts education and outreach about sources of water pollution, and works to improve water quality in numerous other ways.

Our Vision

A clean and healthy San Juan River for current and future generations.

Our Mission

To find collaborative solutions to improve water quality in the San Juan River Watershed.

Our Story

Formed in 2001, the San Juan Watershed Group (SJWG) works to find collaborative solutions to improve water quality in the San Juan River and its tributaries. The SJWG works with partners to conduct water quality sampling to identify impairments and their sources while implementing bacteria and nutrient reduction projects, with the goal of mitigating these impairments to acceptable levels. These projects involve working with landowners, government agencies, local entities, and other partners to implement best management practices (BMPs), and they have shown considerable success in implementation and restoration results. Learn more about us through our Interactive Story Map.

Our Group

The San Juan Watershed Group is overseen by a five-member Steering Committee, composed of local citizens, who provide planning, support, and guidance to the Coordinator and the group at large.

Meet the Team                                                                                                                                                      Alyssa Richmond – Watershed Group Program Coordinator                                                                                  Toni Sitta – City of Farmington Associate Project Engineer                                                                                    Larry Hathaway – San Juan County Community Development Administrator                                                    Jimmy Hodges – San Juan Water Commission                                                                                                      Edward H. Bulloch

The Steering Committee offers professional planning, support, and guidance, however our direction and actions are determined by you – the local community. All people concerned of the health of our rivers are a member of the San Juan Watershed Group. Please join us at our monthly meetings or contact us directly to learn more on how we can help each other and work together! 

Our Region

The San Juan Watershed Group  focuses our projects within the San Juan River Watershed within Northwest New Mexico and Southwest Colorado. 

Reports and Documents

Peruse through our folder of meetings minutes, work plans, water quality sampling and project reports, watershed plans, and a variety of other resources.


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Watershed Resources

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NOTICE: During the COVID-19 outbreak, our staff is working remotely. To contact us, email, or call our new office phone number (505-234-6040) which will connect you directly to us. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.