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Two students posed with presentation.


Two students posed with presentation.

For the last several years, San Juan SWCD has sponsored a team of Navajo Prep students to compete in the NM Envirothon, a weekend long competition testing high school students’ knowledge of soils, aquatics, forestry, wildlife, and conservation problem-solving around a specific topic. The 2017 team “Fierce Fungis” placed 9th overall in New Mexico!

Visit for more information about the state contest, or contact our office if your high school is interested in starting a team.

Educational Lessons and Class Materials

Topics like soil, water, conservation, gardening, nutrition, and agriculture can easily be incorporated into the classroom as an engaging way to meet educational standards while connecting students with the world around them. We have compiled a number of resources on our online file storage system which are linked here, organized by topic and grade level.

Here are some additional resources that may be helpful if you home school or if you are looking for something fun and educational to do at home with your kids.

Poster Contest

As part of the National Association of Conservation Districts, we hold a poster contest for 4th and 5th graders every spring for Earth Day and Soil Stewardship Week. Visit our Facebook page (links below) to check out our past winners!

2020 Where would we BEE without Pollinators?: OPEN NOW!  Entries due by Friday, April 17, 5:30pm. See the Poster Contest Letter for complete rules and entry information. Judging will take place on our Facebook page, April 18-22.

2019 Life in the Soil, Dig Deeper: All posters/winners

2018 Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home: All posters/winners

2017 Healthy Soils are Full of Life: Winners/ Honorable Mention

2016 We all Need Trees: All posters/winners

2015 Pollinators: Our Local Heroes: All posters/winners

2014 Dig Deeper! Secrets in the Soil: All posters/winners

Five people gathered around watershed model.

Rolling Rivers Trailer

Our Rolling Rivers trailer is a large, interactive model of a watershed, similar to our local San Juan and Animas rivers. It is available for free annual visits to your event or classroom. The trailer is an engaging lesson about rivers, erosion, watersheds, and where our water comes from; students and grown-ups alike love it! It is in high demand every spring, so we recommend scheduling 2 months in advance. Want to learn more? Watch our Introduction video below, and view all our Rolling Rivers Trailer videos on our San Juan SWCD YouTube Channel.

Quotes from Teachers and Students

“My students loved the rolling river water trailer presentation! It went right along with the concepts being taught in our 6th grade science classroom.” ~Faith Spilsbury, 6th Grade Science Teacher.

“The sink hole was so cool!” ~Jayden, 6th Grade Student

“I liked learning about the Earth’s processes.” ~Zoe, 6th Grade Student

“I liked learning about how you protect peoples land from erosion.” ~Casey, 6th Grade Student

“I liked seeing the trees and fences used to help farmers gain their land back from erosion.” ~Kaelynn, 6th Grade Student

“I liked learning that humans can make it rain.” ~Dakota, 6th Grade Student

“I would highly recommend the Rolling Rivers Trailer and Andy’s dynamic presentation to classrooms of all age groups. Andy made sure to tie his presentation into our standards about factors that change the earth’s surface like erosion and deposition. Your students will walk away from this presentation with extremely meaningful context and real-world connections to their earth science curriculum! Even better is that Andy very intentionally structured the presentation around real world factors that affect watersheds and the context of San Juan County. It was important for students to connect what they were learning to the nuances of the San Juan and Animas rivers that they are familiar with. I would highly encourage any teacher to enhance their earth science curriculum and studies about our local environment by bringing the Rolling Rivers Trailer to their class!” ~Tim Morris, 6th Grade Science Teacher

“That was one of the best presentations ever.” ~Lanie, 6th Grade Student
“I just wanted to say thank you! for coming and presenting to our class. It was very interesting and cool. I learned that when water floods and takes sediments with it but drops it the sediments at the end it is called depositing. I learned more about what your company does and it is really amazing.” ~Makenna, 6th Grade Student
“I learned that the water from the river can wear down the land around it and ways to prevent erosion from
happening. One way is to put concrete around the river but the water doesn’t get to the plants around the
river so concrete isn’t one good way to prevent erosion. Another way is to put plants around the river this
helps slows down the river because for erosion to happen the water has to be quick so the plants slows
down water causing the land to stop from being broken down.” ~Alicia, 6th Grade Student
“I learned that there are different ways we can block a flood. For example concrete and trees block water to
flow on land but concrete is not always the best choice of material to block water.” ~Sophia, 6th Grade Student
“I learned that erosion can effect a river bed,
plants can strengthen a river bed, and about deposition.” ~Zane, 6th Grade Student

Five people gathered around watershed model.

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