San Juan Soil & Water Conservation District, in partnership with San Juan College, is offering a series of Backyard Conservation Workshops designed to bring conservation practices from farms and ranches to your backyard. The same practices that farmers and ranchers use to help them meet their production goals and protect soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources can be applied by you, the homeowner, to bring beauty and diversity to your yard—regardless if your yard is measured in acres, feet, or flower pots.

This series of workshops can be taken individually for $10 each, or $60 for the full series (CHOHO 283 B8). Each class is 9 am-noon, Saturday, SJC Room 1908. Plan for both indoor and outdoor class time. (25 max)  Register through San Juan College Community Learning Center. If you would like to access the presentation or handout materials from a past workshop, select the course below.

1. Water Features and Rainwater Harvesting: 7/20  (CHOHO 283 B1)
3. Weed and Pest Management:  9/7 (CHOHO 283 B3)
4. Wildlife and Pollinator Habitat: 9/21 (CHOHO 283 B4)
5. Xeriscaping vs. Zero-scaping and Rainwater Harvesting: 10/12 (CHOHO 283 B5)
6. Composting and Mulching: 10/26 (CHOHO 283 B6)
7. Tree Planting and Care: 11/16 (CHOHO 283 B7)